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New Turkey Sticks from Shelton's Poultry

Shelton's New Turkey Sticks.  

We are proud to announce the availability of our new improved turkey sticks. Shelton's turkeys sticks are made from turkeys raised without antibiotics that are all vegetarian fed.

Shelton's Turkey Sticks are gluten free.

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Shelton's Turkey Meatballs are Now Gluten Free

Shelton's Turkey Meatballs are Now Gluten Free.  

Who says we don't listen to our customers ?

Shelton's all natural turkeys meatballs are now gluten freee. Due to numerous consumer requests we have re-formulated our delicious turkey meatballs to eliminate wheat and gluten. During the re-formulation we also reduced the sodium and fat without compromising the taste.

Shelton's Turkey Meatballs are still made from all natural turkey meat from turkeys raised without antibiotics.

  • Gluten Free
  • Lower Sodium
  • Lower Fat

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